CNC processing machine type TCF

CNC processing machine type TCF


  • Automatic processing of doors for house building (flush doors, single rebate, double rebate,...) and assembly of fittings (screw-in hinges)
  • Base frame in solid welded and bolted construction
  • Workpiece transport via toothed belts and rubber-covered and ground rollers with adjustable fences at the infeed and outfeed side
  • Clamping and tensioning device to fix the doors
  • Processing by NC-controlled supports (each 3 axes)
  • High flexibility by modular individual design of aggregates 
    • Drilling/milling motors in 3 performance levels each
    • Drilling unit (separately controlled spindles)
    • Fitting assembly unit (hinge hooks etc.)
    • Test plate installation
  • Measurement unit for rebate tracing

Hinge side

  • Heavy-duty hinge processing
  • Pre-drilling for screw-in hinges
  • Pre-drilling for screws
  • Assembly of screw-in hinges
  • Two magazines for screw-in hinges (infeed and outfeed side)
  • Filling without production stop
  Kraft Maschinenbau TCF

Lock side

  • Lock plate processing
  • Pre-drilling for screws
  • Lock case processing
  • Processing of handle holes/key holes
  • Rosette processing
  • Spy hole processing
  Kraft Maschinenbau TCF

Technical data

Designed for the following workpiece dimensions:

Door height:  1500-2600 mm
Door width:  300-1400 mm
Thickness:  35-90 mm
Door weight:  10-120 kg

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