Frame processing

A frame is not just a frame!

KRAFT offers a complete systematic range in order to react to the constantly growing customers’ requirements with exactly the right type of machine.

Various frame cross sections are machined in a customized way. Our work is characterized by speed, precision, quality and flexibility.

We manufacture from batch size 1 up to industrial serial production. Customized concepts enable a noticeable increase in productivity and quality for the future.

Maximum range of machining possibilities for different frame elements

  • Frames: Frames in a U-/L- shape
  • Folding of individual frame parts 
  • Jointing of individual frame parts 
  • Trimming, processing and cleaning the individual frame parts
  • Processing of fittings (strike plate, hinge pockets etc.)
  • Automatic assembly of hinge pockets and strike plates
  • Automatic insertion and flush cutting of seals
  • Disassembly and packing of frame parts

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Processing line for frames

Application example

The following machine joints and processes individual frame parts.
The jamb is glued with the rebate facing and assembled with the decorative facing.  Following this, the ends and fittings are processed.  The finished parts are cleaned and removed from the plant.


Infeed station



Trimming machine Type ZAS 18
End machining system type ZBA 16


Machining of fittings

Fitting insertion machine


Cleaning and removal

Cleaning station
Angular transfer