Gluing machine

Gluing machine


  • Automatic insertion of rebate and decorative facing into jambs
  • Glue is applied onto the rebate facing
  • Hot-melt and PVAc glue alternately
  • Intelligent pressing via servomotors
  • Horizontally arranged guide rollers
  • Fence on the face side of the jamb
  • Jambs are positioned via a separate lifting frame
  • Pressure beam with servomotor and torque control

Technical data

Designed for the following workpiece dimensions:

Kraft Maschinenbau Frame







Casing width:   50-120 mm
Length rebate rail:   max. 68 mm
Thickness rebate rail:   10-20 mm
Wall connector:  10-30 mm
Length (rebate dimension):  min. 1700 mm

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