Milling station

Milling station


  • Designed for longitudinal fine milling of rebate and decorative facings
    (shorten, rebate, chamfer and size facing tongue)
  • Processing of a master facing allows the creation of individual rebate and decorative facings 
  • Base frame in solid welded and bolted construction
  • Double-sided design; 3 working stations per side, equipped with cross supports to hold the processing units
  • Workpiece transport via toothed belt and top pressure units
  • Automatic adjustment of processing units in Y- and Z-direction by positioning units
  • Automatic width adjustment (wall connector)
  • Can be extended by up to 3 more stations (e.g. shorten, rebate and chamfer wall connector)
  • Manual movement to waiting position (tool change)

Technical data

Designed for the following workpiece dimensions:

Kraft Maschinenbau Frame  






Facing width:  50-120 mm
Length rebate rail:   max. 68 mm
Thickness rebate rail:   10-20 mm
Wall connector:  10-30 mm
Length (rebate dimension):  min. 1700 mm

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