Longitudinal saw

Longitudinal saw


  • Designed for dividing large-size panels to longitudinal panels 
  • Base frame in solid welded and bolted construction with integrated carrier for processing units
  • Saw units equipped with high-capacity torque drives
  • Non-required saw units remain in their waiting position
  • Maintenance position for saw units for better access (maintenance area either at right or left hand machine side)
  • NC-controlled width adjustment unit to position the saw units 
  • Two workpiece infeed rollers in machine infeed
  • Two workpiece outfeed rollers in machine outfeed
  • Servo-motorized height adjustment of rollers
  • Separate dust extraction per saw unit connected with a central dust extraction distributor 
  • Minimum strip width of 88mm

 Technical data

Designed for the following workpiece dimensions:

Length:  2455-2800 mm
Width:  1275-1550 mm
Thickness:  6-12 mm

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