Diagonal saw

Diagonal saw


  • Dividing endless products to motherboards in continuous throughfeed 
  • Several saw gantries are available depending on capacity requirements
  • Base frame in solid welded and bolted construction
  • Saw unit with pneumatic lifting and lift relief
  • Rectangular saw cut by synchronous movements
  • Height adjustment of dust extraction to panel thickness by NC-controlled positioning unit
  • Integrated measuring station to adjust the saw feed to the respective panel feed speeds 
  • Roller conveyor below diagonal saw with integrated dust extraction channels

Technical data

Designed for the following workpiece dimensions:

Length of raw part: according to agreement
Width of raw part:  max. 1235 mm
Panel thickness:   20-250 mm

 Types of coating:

  • Paper
  • Aluminum
  • Multi-layer foil
  • Bituminized glass-fiber fleece foil with PP foil cover
  • Glass-fiber fleece foil

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