Structural elements

Structural elements

KRAFT is a leading manufacturer of machines and plants for processing insulation materials.

For example in the field of structural elements,they process wooden panels, solid wood, plasterboard materials, fiberboard materials, cement materials, sectional door elements, framework elements, multi-layer panels as well as acoustic panels.

With our expertise and decades of experience and innovation, KRAFT offers the optimum solution for every application. Individual and customer-specific special solutions complete the range of services offered by KRAFT.

Our automation team develops efficient control systems based on Beckhoff or Siemens, according to the respective customer-specific requirements. Customized concepts enable a noticeable increase in productivity and quality for the future.

Host computer systems ensure a process-optimized data exchange between your ERP system and the KRAFT machinery and plant control systems.

Modular, individual machinery and plants for your applications

  • Processing e.g. by Double End Tenoners of panel-type workpieces such as: Chipboard, MDF, HDF, OSB, plywood panels,  mineral fiber, gypsum cardboard, cement and fiber panels as well as wall and ceiling panels, plastics and NE-metals
  • Handling components such as conveying, stacking, turning, twisting or storing
  • Processing such as trimming, edge profiling, sawing and dividing
  • Bonding such as gluing and laminating for composite materials
  • Drilling, inserting riveting nuts, feeding seals, assembly of fittings and masking surfaces
  • Screwing, gluing, riveting or clinching different material combinations
  • Using industrial robots e.g. for fully-automatic clamping of corner joints for frame elements 
  • Special constructions

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Production line for the processing of components

Application example

The wooden panels coming from the tandem gantry are longitudinally profiled with tongue and groove by a double end tenoner.  The workpieces are then cut to different formats or divided by a dividing saw.

After that, the cross processing is carried out by another double end tenoner.
The final stacking is realized by a linear gantry.
A transfer cart distributes the stacks to the downstream roller conveyor.

Cross machining

Transportation unit
Double end tenoner
Roller conveyor


Dividing up

Cutting saw
Inlet conveyor
Angular transfer


Longitudinal machining

Double end tenoner
Roller conveyor

Structural elements