Packing station for doors

Packing station for doors


  • Designed for automatic packing of doors in corrugated cardboard
  • Base frame in solid welded and bolted construction
  • Workpiece transport via belt conveyors, toothed belt conveyors and rubber-covered carrier rollers
  • Unwinding station and corrugated cardboard preparation table to adjust the packing material to the corresponding length and width
  • Variable equipment of magazine for packing material
  • Different widths of packing material reels  are possible
  • Fixing of packing material reels by pneumatic clamping
  • Wrapping device at longitudinal sides to position the corrugated cardboard 
  • Lower door edge fixed; not closed so that the door identification can be used
  • Upper door edge closed and fixed by means of hot melt

Unwinding station and corrugated cardboard preparation table

  • Corrugated cardboard reel suspension
  • Pre-positioning of packing material
  • Length- and cross-cutting device
  • Waste discharge 
  Kraft Maschinenbau Unwinding

Wrapping device at longitudinal sides

  • Single-sided adjustable wrapping device at longitudinal sides for corrugated cardboard around doors
Kraft Maschinenbau deflecting device  

Bottom sealing station

  • Longitudinal sealing by means of adhesive tapes
  • Locking device to apply two adhesive tapes to the lower door edge; automatic width positioning
Kraft Maschinenbau Foot-closing-station  

Folding station at top end

  • Angular transfer with limit stop at top side and pneumatic wrapping device to wrap the corrugated cardboard at the upper door edge. 
  • Application system for hot melt to fix the corrugated cardboard
Kraft Maschinenbau Folding station head side  

Technical data

Designed for the following workpiece dimensions:

Door height: 1860-2500 mm
Door width: 350-1235 mm
Thickness: 38-72 mm
Door weight: 25-120 kg

 Corrugated cardboard reel:

Width:  2000-2600mm
Diameter:        max. 1200 mm
Magazine unit: max. 3 reels

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