Warehouse and material handling systems

Warehouse and material handling systems


KRAFT offers innovative system solutions for your intralogistic needs.

What does intralogistics mean at all? Intralogistics describes the internal material flow by conveyor technology and different warehouse systems in order to have the product just in time at the desired place.  KRAFT faces this task and provides you a tailor-made complete solution.

Intralogistic software

Due to a high level of performance and functionality, KRAFT software applications achieve the optimum result for you.  The easy handling of the control unit facilitates your and your employees’ daily work.

Tailor-made concepts provide a noticeable increase in productivity and quality for the future, thanks to our own developed intralogistic software.

Material flow systems

Customized conveyor technology and handling systems with high speeds and the corresponding software applications: 

  • Roller conveyor
  • Belt conveyor
  • Modular belt conveyor
  • Toothed belt conveyor
  • Chain conveyor
  • Raised accumulating conveyor
  • Angular transfer 
  • Rotary station
  • Centering station
  • Turner (individual workpieces, stacks)
  • Transfer carriage (single, double)
  • Robot for different payloads
  • Gantry with traverse in different versions

Storage systems

Intelligent storage technology starts with a compact storage and ends in the high-end version:

  • Area storage
  • High-rack warehouse
  • Long goods storage 
  • Paternoster system
  • Buffer storage
  • Separator
  • Pallet stacker
  • Protection board magazine

With these intelligent systems from KRAFT, success can be measured immediately, transport routes are optimized and material and time are saved. The capacity of your upstream and downstream processing machines is also significantly increased.

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Production line for sectional doors

Application example

In the following plant, sandwich elements are processed in different lengths and widths, as well as with different surfaces, decors and colors.

Various stacks of unfinished parts up to 14 m long are stored and, if necessary, fed to the processing line by the gantry system.  The sandwich elements are cut-to-length and then drilled, die-cut, sawn and milled.  All integrated buffer storage systems optimize the processes.  Fittings and windows are mounted, respectively labels etc. are applied at several manual assembly stations.
Different bar code labels identify the stack to be processed.


Band saw machine
Label and bar code printer
Discharge station
Angular transfer
Inclined roller conveyor
Drilling station
Roller conveyor
Milling station


Outlet area

Angular transfer
Loading/Unloading lifting device
Cantilever storage system
Brush station
Inclined roller conveyor
Band saw machine


Outlet area

Lifting unit
Belt conveyor
Angular transfer
Portal system

Storage and material handling systems