Buffer storage with feeding device

Buffer storage with feeding device


  • To buffer e.g.: frames for door blanks or panels
  • Base frame in solid welded and screwed structure
  • Transfer of workpieces from upstream production and feeding of buffer places by transfer device
  • Vertical movement to buffer places by servo technology
  • Removal device to transfer to further conveyor technology etc.
  • Removal via telescopic device with servo motors
  • Transport device with chain dogs

Technical data

Designed for the following workpiece dimensions:

Length:  1750-2700 mm
Width:  300-1250 mm
Thickness:  30-50 mm
Rail width:  30-80 mm
Weight:  20 kg

Warehouse management

  • PC-based software from Kraft
  • Interface for customer connection (ERP/MES)
  • Product identification during input via bar code
  • Individual generation of output - orders
  • Visualization and information in clear text and graphic presentation

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