Kraft Maschinenbau Kuka

Robotics applications

KRAFT has been the official system partner of Kuka since 2012.
This cooperation has led to approx. 60 individual plants so far.

In-house software development

Robots and the corresponding control come from a single source and cooperate smoothly.
KRAFT is responsible for the complete programming of the robots and adjusts their working areas according to the situations.
After the delivery, an optional remote maintenance is provided.

The KUKA robots can be easily connected to the current open BUS-systems.

Robotics stands for flexibility

Robots can be used in a highly flexible way in nearly all functions.  They can be used for new tasks by adjusting the actuators and the software.


  • Equipped with the current KR C4 control
  • Easy planning, operation and maintenance
  • Continuation of proven PC-based control technologies
  • Safety, robot, logic, motion and process control in one control system
  • Real-time communication between the used controls
  • Future-proof technology platform without proprietary hardware 
  • Highest capacity in a minimum of space 
  • Integrable into nearly all field bus systems (e.g. PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, Ethernet, DeviceNet)
  • Remote diagnosis available
  • Individual accessories

Technical data

  Kraft Maschinenbau Low payloads Red  
 Low load capacity  
Nominal load capacity:  5 – 16 kg
Maximum range/Z-stroke: 1412 – 1801 mm
Position repeatability:   <± 0,04 mm
Dead weight:  127 – 245 kg
Installation position:      Floor, ceiling, wall
  Kraft Maschinenbau Medium Load Red  
Average load capacity  
Nominal load capacity: 30 – 60 kg
Maximum range/Z-stroke: 2033 – 2952 mm
Position repeatability: <± 0,05 mm
Dead weight: 600 – 700 kg
Installation position:  Floor, ceiling
  Kraft Maschinenbau High payloads Red  
High load capacity  
Nominal load capacity: 90 – 300 kg
Maximum range/Z-stroke: 2500 – 3901 mm
Position repeatability <± 0,06 mm
Dead weight: 1049 – 1221 kg
Installation position:  Floor, ceiling
  Kraft Maschinenbau KR 1000 heavy load red  
Heavy load  
Nominal load capacity:  240 – 1000 kg 
Maximum range/Z-stroke: 2825 – 3601 mm
Position repeatability: <± 0,08 mm
Dead weight: 2375 – 4740 kg
Installation position: Floor, ceiling
Kraft Maschinenbau palletizing robot red
Palletizing robot  
Nominal load capacity: 40 – 1300 kg
Maximum range/Z-stroke: 2091 – 3601 mm
Position repeatability: ± 0,05 – 0,10 mm
Dead weight:   695 – 4690 kg
Installation position:   Floor


  Kraft Maschinenbau robot base


  • Base for robots from low to high payloads
  • Stand made of solid steel structure
  • Two different basic stand dimensions possible
  • Adm. load capacity:  max. 150 kg

Base dimensions:
Type 1:    840x840 mm
Type 2:    1230x1230 mm
Height:    according to agreement

  Kraft Maschinenbau 7th axis

7. Axis - linear axis

  • Linear axis as basis for 6-axis robot
  • Base frame in solid welded and screwed structure
  • Modular design
    • Linear axis regulation via robot control
Nominal load capacity:  max. 3150 kg
Max. range: variabel
Position repeatability:  <± 0,05 mm
Feed speed: 10-90m/ min
  Kraft Maschinenbau sucker traverse

  Suction traverse Type 1

  • Vacuum gripper to lift absorbent panel workpieces
  •  Traverse made of screwed aluminum structure
  •  Designed for the following workpiece dimensions:
    • Length:      450-1600 mm
    • Width:        90-200 mm
    • Thickness:  15-25 mm
  • Adm. Load capacity max. 25 kg
  Kraft Maschinenbau sucker traverse

Suction traverse Type 2

  • Vacuum gripper to lift absorbent panel workpieces
  •  Traverse made of screwed aluminum structure
  •   Designed for the following workpiece dimensions:
    • Length:     1800 -3000 mm
    • Width:       600 -1300 mm
    • Thickness:  20 -240 mm
  • Adm. load capacity:  max. 100 kg
  Kraft Maschinenbau clamp bracket

Clamping traverse

  • Clamping traverse to grip frames
  • Clamping via pneumatic cylinder
  • Designed for the following workpiece dimensions: 
    • Clear width (inside): 425 -820 mm
    • Frame width:           max. 60 mm
  • Adm. load capacity:  max. 30 kg

The presented suction and gripping systems are only a small part of our product range!

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