Automation of production processes

...more than the movement of machines...

The ever increasing demands placed on automation technology and process automation ensure that the regulation and controlling of plant and individual machinery and robots is always kept up to date.

In addition, KRAFT regularly develops new ideas and innovations which are then planned and implemented for industry.

The actual automation systems and the level of automation which is ultimately implemented emerge as a result of initial discussions which take place in close cooperation with the customer.

From e-design via the hardware up to the software and the controlling of machines and plant, the different tasks are fulfilled by our skilled and experienced technicians and engineers.

Plant functionality, process visualisation, optimisation and productivity are the concepts that lead to success.

Themes such as the 'Factory of the future' and industry 4.0 have already been successfully implemented at KRAFT for several years. Linked, fully automatic and reliable systems form part of our daily business.