Well packed is half sold ...

That's where the Kraft VPS100 automatic corrugated cutting machine comes together with our investments and planning for your future goals.

Within Kraft, we are not only moving into the future, but also into the renovated assembly hall. In 2020, the engineering competences surrounding the VPS100 were bundled and spatially combined with the foundation of the packaging technology department. At the beginning of 2021, the assembly department was able to move into the adjoining renovated hall. This marks the completion of an important step that brings all colleagues involved with the VPS100, closer together and contributes significantly to increasing efficiencies and quality. This new collective effort has contributed to greater parallel project work, warehouse activities, service assignments, inventory managment, and has ultimately added value for our customers and the company.

A dedicated team of highly specialized experts exclusively assembles our VPS100 corrugated cutting machines, including the various optional assemblies, in an area of about 1,900 m². Clear structures and efficient use of hall space allow up to 4 machines to be constructed in parallel.

A large stock of pre-assembled components and spare parts assemblies contributes to the shortening of delivery times.

Our machines are characterized by high quality and availability. This is based on many years of experience and innovation. The same applies to the people who contribute to our goals on a daily basis. Our employees are regularly trained internally. To ensure the availability of our skilled workers, additional fitters and commissioning engineers are recruited step by step.

Kraft also offers its customers a spacious technical center. Here, customized workshops are held together with the customer in order to develop the optimum packaging solution. In an area of approx. 450 m², various machines with different feeding systems are available, which are complemented by typical packaging accessories such as strapping machines.