Modern saw line with fully-automatic flexible interlinking

Our product range does not only comprise stand-alone machines but also individual complete solutions with a high level of automation for the chipboard, MDF, HDF, OSB panel industries, cement fiber, gypsum fiber, aluminum and plastic industry.

KRAFT saw technologies are used in the following applications:

  • Diagonal saws or traveling cross-cut saws for cross cutting of continuously manufactured material behind presses. 
  • Longitudinal dividing saws (multiple-rip saws by means of torque motors)
  • Pressure beam saws to divide panel packages
  • Undercut saws to cut individual panels in production lines
  • Gantry saws to cut individual panels in production lines

Solutions for the panel industry...

  • Our “Saw concepts” are designed for different applications and performance requirements. The actual performance always depends on the cutting pattern, the panel material and the height of the panel package to be cut. 
  • Individual system solutions, with small and large batch sizes, long-lasting, efficient with high capacity and highest precision...