Conversion and optimisation

The disassembly and reassembly of industrial plants

The relocation of entire production plants or subcomponents, both internally, within the factory, and externally, is a complex major project. Due to the requirements of re-commissioning (unlike disassembly on its own) this places high demands on project and construction management. With our service experts, we have responded to this growing demand early on and have put together a professional team that has specialised in the particular requirements of these projects around the world.



You should always be up to date. Our goal is to optimise your machines and plants.


  • Performance tuning
  • Increasing availability
  • Energy-saving drive concepts
  • Identifying potentials in compressed air network
  • Retrofit (e.g. S5 to S7)

Performance improvements are achieved through automation. We are specialised in applications in which industrial robots are used. Here as well, we work around the world for various industries.

Our services in detail

  • Handling the project as a general contractor, from planning the project through to re-commissioning
  • Production support and training for your staff
  • Relocation of entire production lines
  • Disassembly of mechanical and electrical systems as well as the creation of documentation
  • Planning and monitoring all aspects of transport logistics
  • Reassembly (worldwide) in order to restore readiness for production
  • Retrofitting of plants / parts of plants in order to fit current control components (e.g. S5 to S7, S5 to Beckhoff TwinCAT)